"We are a home of artists." ~ Nathanael Overby



     Studies have shown that the inclusion of Performing Arts in a broad-based curriculum improves the quality of a child’s educational experience.  The Arts teach discipline, improve self-esteem, inspire creativity, and help young people set and reach goals.  The Arts make schools an exciting places for students - a place where they are encouraged to explore, to create, and to reach their fullest potential.




     MHS Theater Arts department recognizes the significance of an individual’s uniqueness and the magic that can happen when those individuals come together as a community. Whether through acting, singing, dancing or technical theater, our central focus is to help each member of our community find their value as an artist. When the curtain falls, it is our value as individuals, the memories we make as teammates and the relationships we develop as friends that will be forever cherished. 




1. We are committed to providing a safe environment in which each member of our department will have the    

   freedom to discover their artistic potential.

2. We will work tirelessly to give students the chance to develop emotional depth as actors, stage value as

   performers and self-discipline as teammates. 


3. We will foster an environment that promotes excellence in theater education by providing opportunities      that develop each artist’s skills, self-perceptions and integrity. 


4. We will commit our resources to helping students achieve their goals beyond MHS, whether it be at the

   collegiate or professional level.